Dubai Sports Council to launch all-new woman’s sports tournament

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Find yourself juggling a football with ease, doing a layup in basketball without a thought or spiking in volleyball like no tomorrow? You could be a winner is this upcoming Dubai tournament, ladies.

Dubai Sports Council to launch all-new woman’s sports tournament

The Dubai Sports Council is set to launch an International Women’s Online Tournament, where teams from the UAE and overseas will compete in drills all about skill.

Taking place on Friday August 21 from 6pm until 9pm, the women’s only tournament will see UAE-based teams competing at Dubai Sports World in Dubai World Trade Centre, with international teams taking part through video conferencing app, Zoom.

Over four sports – including football, basketball, volleyball and handball – participants will showcase their individual skills at the sport via drills rather than play matches. Skill is the name of the game.

Fancy some footy? Competitors will get points based on their juggling, dribbling, long- and- short-passing, and goal-scoring skills.

Those who have a knack for handball will get points based on their skills in penalty shots, dribbling around the body, triangle defence, zig zag dribbling and passes against the wall.

In basketball, participants will get points through five different drills including right-hand layups, left-hand layups, free throws, dribbling from the baseline to the half-court, and dribbling from the baseline to the half-court with crossover.

Finally, the volleyball tournament will see players competing in one hand bumping, overhead setting while walking, bumping while walking, overhead setting on the wall, and spike, receive and set on the wall.

Eight teams of five players each will take part is each sport, with a player being allowed to take part in only one drill. These eight teams will be divided into two groups of four, and the top placed team based on the point scored in their drills, will qualify for the semi-finals.

Think you have the skills to show off? The tournament is open to all women aged 12 and above, and you can get yourself signed up by clicking here.

If you’re after more ways to get sporty in Dubai, click here.

Get practising.
Free to enter. Fri Aug 21, 6pm-9pm. Dubai Sports World, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road,

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Source : Time Out Dubai | Photocredit : Google

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