Dubai to stop temperature checks and thermal scanners from Jan.1

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Dubai has announced that it would allow customers into shopping malls, hypermarkets, and entertainment arenas without checking their temperatures and thermal scanners that were until now being used to detect and prevent the spread of coronavirus in the emirate.

Dubai to stop temperature checks and thermal scanners from Jan.1

The Dubai Economy Department said that business establishments will no longer use thermal scanners and temperature checks for customers starting from Jan.1, 2021.


The DED said on Twitter,

“Thermal scanners and manual temperature checks are not required anymore.

“The Valet Parking protocols, specifically the one covering the seats and steering wheel with plastic, shall be removed.” 

The DED also said that the business community in Dubai still continues with the highest levels of compliance with the guidelines with zero fines, zero closures, and zero warnings.


The DED said 449 businesses were fully compliant with the precautionary measures that are set to limit the spread of COVID-19.

On the other hand, Dubai Municipality announced that it will be intensifying its inspections on various establishments across the emirate during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Municipality said it has devised a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring that all sites and facilities comply with the precautionary measures in order to safeguard the health of employees and visitors to the establishments.

The inspections will cover 23 locations, including areas where the fireworks and laser shows will be taking place as well as shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, parks, salons, beaches and jogging tracks.

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Source : Gulf Today | Photocredit : Google

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