Filipina comedian Imah Dumagay announces first solo show in Dubai

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It’s been a tough year in 2020 but one thing that’s got us through is a good laugh.

Filipina comedian Imah Dumagay announces first solo show in Dubai

Luckily in Dubai there are loads of great comedy shows on offer to put a smile back on our face and keep us laughing all the way to 2021.

Now, one of the most-popular comedians on the UAE comedy scene is going it alone to perform her first full-length stand-up comedy special.

Filipina comedian Imah Dumagay, organiser of Comedy Kix comedy night at Kickers, is set to perform her first hour-long show.

The popular comic, who has performed across the UAE and at Dubai Opera, will perform her special Imah’s Day Off on Friday November 27.

Taking place at The Theatre at Mall of the Emirates, Imah will be the first Filipina comedian to perform a stand-up special in the region.

On the night the experienced comic will be discussing her experiences as a Filipina in Dubai.

You’ll also be able to enjoy comedy from Egyptian comic Amr Abdelmonem and host Liz Bains.

“I’m ecstatic to be performing my first hour-long show in Dubai,” said Dumagay.

“I have performed hundreds of show over the past few years across the UAE and shared the stage with so many talented people and I’m excited to go out on my own and perform my first comedy special.

“Dubai is my home and I love my life here but it’s not been without some funny moments and experiences that I share with the audience on stage.

“I’m excited to get out on stage to make the people of Dubai laugh. I’ve been told I’m very likeable so I’m taking ownership of that!”

Ready to have a laugh? You know what to do.
From Dhs55. Nov 27, 7.30pm. The Theatre, Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha

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Source : Time Out Dubai | Photocredit : Google

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