Forbes Middle East unveils 8th Global Meets Local 2020 list

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UAE is leading Forbes’ eighth annual flagship “Global Meets Local” ranking, with over 90% of the members in this year’s list working for global companies with regional headquarters in the country.

Forbes Middle East has released its eighth annual flagship “Global Meets Local” ranking, featuring 50 individuals leading the regional offices for Forbes Global 2000 companies.

Forbes Middle East unveils 8th Global Meets Local 2020 list

The ranking celebrates leaders successfully contributing to their global businesses’ success and withstanding what has been a long and disruptive year for all.

Together the high-achieving and diverse cohort represent 26 nationalities. Among the 50, listees of Lebanese origin are the highest (7), followed by German (5) and Egyptian (4) nationalities. Over 90% of the members in this year’s list work for global companies with regional headquarters in the UAE only two executives lead firms in Bahrain and one each in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Technology is the most populated sector consisting of 12 listees, trailed by healthcare (6) and banking (5) executives.

The list recognises trailblazers like Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice President for Amazon in MENA, who created the White Friday sale knowing that the e-commerce giant’s traditional Black Friday would not sit well within the Arab culture. Meanwhile, stepping up to the global healthcare crisis, Robert Nichols, Regional Managing Director of 3M, help step up to the region’s demand for personal protective equipment. And for Caspar Herzberg, Schneider Electric’s President for the Middle East and Africa, the pandemic-induced lockdowns didn’t impact his regional strategy.

The French firm inked a new $295 million deal in Egypt, intended to underpin the country’s energy network for decades.

To create this list, Forbes Middle East looked at companies on the Forbes Global 2000 ranking that have significant direct business operations in the Middle East. The highest-ranking leaders from their Middle East headquarters were then ranked on factors such as impact and scope of their role, seniority, impact, personal achievements, and public recognition.

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