How education will look when children go back to school

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When children across the UAE go back to school for the start of the new academic year, they will have been away from their classrooms for an unprecedented amount of time.

How education will look when children go back to school

After more than 12 weeks of distance learning and then a two-month holiday, the return to school can’t come soon enough for some.

But for others there is a concern that letting their kids go back to their classrooms comes with a risk they may not be willing to take.

While schools are opening their doors to students for the first time since March, they look very different to how they did pre-pandemic.

COVID-19 has meant that schools, colleges and universities across the world have had to look at, and transform, the way they deliver education.

After hundreds of years of children being educated in a way that has followed similar, tried and tested methods, characterised by face-to-face information sharing, learning in classrooms and being tested on recall in exams, teaching has been forced to adapt – and quickly.

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