Who is Kuwait’s new Emir | Sheikh Nawaf Al Sabah

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Kuwait swore in their new Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah at the National Assembly in Kuwait City last week. Sheikh Nawaf, who is late Emir Sheikh Sabah’s half brother was the Crown Prince and Deputy Emir of Kuwait he assumed his first governmental position on February 21, 1961 as governor of Hawalli Governorate Sheikh Nawaf served as defence minister when Iraqi troops rolled into the oil-rich emirate in 1990, and also as interior minister in the face of challenges from Islamist militants. Sheikh Nawaf has played a key role in maintaining the stability and security of the Gulf The new Emir enjoys a reputation for modesty and has largely maintained a low profile Major policy changes are not expected during his reign, even after the Gulf underwent a seismic shift with Kuwait’s neighbours, the UAE and Bahrain, opting to establish relations with Israel.

Who is Kuwait’s new Emir | Sheikh Nawaf Al Sabah

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